Are You Drinking Real Texas Wine?

By law, a winery cannot designate a wine as a Texas “appellation” wine if it isn’t made with at least 75 percent Texas fruit. If it has less than that, wineries are not allowed to sell it outside of the state. Instead, they have to either clearly mark the wine as American Appellation, which means the grapes come from more than one state, or they can mark the back of the bottle as “For Sale In Texas Only.” Rather than give a long list of which wines are and are not made with Texas fruit, we’ll give you a few quick indicators to look for on wine labels.

If the front or back label includes:

Texas (Appellation) = Texas Wine
Texas Hill Country (Appellation) = Texas Wine
Texas High Plains (Appellation) = Texas Wine
Specific vineyard name in Texas, i.e. Reddy Vineyards or Lost Draw Vineyards = Texas Wine
Specific vineyard name or designation outside of Texas, i.e. Paso Robles = Not a Texas Wine
For Sale in Texas Only = Not a Texas Wine
American Appellation = Not a Texas Wine

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