Brass Tap To Open In Round Rock

The Brass Tap is a Florida-based beer and wine bar and is opening a Texas location in Round Rock early in 2013. The exact location hasn’t been announced but a representative of Brass Tap say it will occupy 2000 to 3000 square feet and will create 10 to 20 full time jobs. Brass Tap was founded in Florida in 2007 and currently has 3 locations open in Florida. In addition to their first out of state opening in Round Rock, 6 more locations in Florida are also scheduled for openings in 2013. The Brass Taps are upscale beer and wine bars noted for providing over 300 varieties of beer and an extensive wine selection. They frequently host live music events and do not serve food. Their website states you are more than welcome to order food from nearby restaurants and have it delivered direct to your table. For more information see their website at for more information.

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