Crockin’ In The Hill Country With The Crockin’ Girls.

No one has gained notoriety¬† and celebrity status any faster than our very own “Top Of The Hill Country residents, Nicole Sparks and Jenna Marwitz. You might be more familiar with their company name, “The Crockin’ Girls”. They garnered practically overnight fame when they created a Facebook page about cooking with Crock Pots and soon started gaining hundreds of fans a minute. Amongst the holiday offerings in book stores America this year are a number of Texas cookbooks, one of which is authored by Nicole and Jenna. The two were crockin’ it up on on the NBC Noon News in Austin today and will be having a book signing at the Barnes & Noble Austin Arboretum location this afternoon.


To buy their cookbook directly from their website GO HERE.

Watch this video to see how the Crockin’ Girls make “Creepy Crawly Sandwiches” and other Halloween recipes.

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