Donnie Evetts

For those of you that don’t know- Donnie G. Evetts III is a local Hill Country musician, Disk Jocky, and just an all around “good guy”. As we’re starting to find out he’s somewhat on a humanitarian and a deep thinker as well. In light of the tragedy that took place at the elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, he decided to make some of his thoughts known to the world in this video. It’s not possible to watch this without shedding a tear. Very well said Donnie.


Donnie’s video “My Cinderella” has received over a million views on Youtube and several several of my other friends have “cameo appearances” in it. He loaded up a bunch of people from Brownwood in his bus and took them to Austin on day to film this video. If you haven’t seen it it’s well worth watching.

Links to Donnie’s online presence

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