Grape Survey

grape survey

The Grape Survey will kick off after harvest.  Dr. Tim Dodd (Texas Wine Marketing Research Institute at Texas Tech University) and Dr. Ed Hellman (Texas Tech University and AgriLife Extension, part of Texas A&M University) are leading the survey efforts.

“At present there is no accurate or current data concerning the quantity and types of grapes grown in Texas.  Surveys were last completed several years ago but because of a decline in research funding were not continued.  The industry has for many years been interested in obtaining accurate results as the industry has grown, new varieties introduced, and the location of vineyards shifted.

The purpose of the study is to obtain information from grape growers concerning the acres grown, varieties of grapes, and production amounts.  This information will assist growers, wineries, investors, and researchers to better understand current trends and also forecast in order to make better decisions.

The initial study is being completed by National Agricultural Statistics Services that is a part of the US Department of Agriculture.  The Department has expertise in conducting surveys of this type and will be contacting Texas grape growers this Fall to try to better understand the industry.”

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Source: Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association

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