Gun Control Laws Just Got Thrown Out The Window

It had to happen sooner or later and It just did in Austin Texas. Solid Concepts Inc. has just created the first fully functional all metal handgun using only a 3D printer. It sounds impossible but every part (excluding the springs) was created digitally with no machining of parts involved. Solid Concepts has done nothing illegal because they are fully licensed to manufacture firearms but—- Think of all the possibilities this reality creates. No cost is given for the machinery involved to create metal printed objects but you can bet that there aren’t many of us that could afford one. Cost would be only a small factor to a drug cartel needing to arm their guys or a Third World country wanting to arm a group of rebels to overthrow the government. Although this device wouldn’t be as instantly effective it would be far easier to smuggle across international lines than a nuclear device.

You can read more about Solid Concept’s incredibly breakthrough on their website,

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