Hatch Roasting In The Hill Country

I love this time of year when Restaurants, Supermarkets, and local Farmer’s Markets through out the Hill Country are emitting the aroma of Roasted Hatch Peppers from New Mexico. These spicy delicacies are exceptionally tasty when prepared correctly. Individual discretion is suggested when sampling Hatch Peppers because they range from extremely mild to pretty hot. Currently Chuy’s Rstaurants are serving small bowls of roasted hatch on the side. The portion I recently sampled was pretty high on the heat range so a little went a long way with me. Most offerings are a little milder with more of the fire roasted flavor coming through. Almost all recipes involving Hatch Peppers involve removing the skin. If making Pico De Gallo with them or eating them fresh with my meal I prefer to leave the skin on. Usually splitting fresh ones down the middle and washing the seeds out provide a much crunchier texture and added flavor to any meal. This video by Central Market (HEB) gives a pretty good introduction for how to prepare Roasted Hatch Peppers.

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