Letter To The Editor – The Keystone XL Pipeline Hoax

February 29, 2012

Dear Editor;

             There is much talk and a lot printed about building a pipeline from Canada’s oil sands to the Houston refineries.  A laughable claim is made by Exxon, Total, Chevron, Arabian oil, Conoco, and British Petroleum.  They say the pipeline will decrease the price of U.S. Gasoline.  They say it will create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

            These claims are lies.  This pipeline will bypass many refineries on its trip across America’s heartland.  If the fuel is indeed for use in the states the oil need not go to the Houston port and its ships.  It can deliver oil to refineries in American’s heartland and the Eastern states.  So this is a lie.  The oil will be refined then shipped to France, Japan, China, and other foreign markets.  If you doubt what I say, then write a law requiring the refined product to be sold only in the U.S. and Hawaii.  Prohibit loading it on any ship.

            Levy a tax on the liquid as it crosses the line from Canada to the U.S.  This tax will be used to clean up petroleum messes existing and in the future, to pay for oils spills.

            Lack of competition creates the problem of gas price at the pump.  This lack of price competition is obvious.  Study the word cartel.  The oil producers have created a monopoly on oil ownership.  The oil cartel owns most of the world’s oil.  The oil companies that own the oil have agreed to set prices, to kill competition.  The secret of Americans capitalistic system is competition.  Competition has died in the U.S.  No price competition.  You read that one company has bought a competitor, has consolidated or merged it into the buyer.

            Some call these trusts, some monopolies, others cartels.  No matter what you call it, it can gouge your pocketbook.  The solution is to force these monopolies to break up, to restore competition.

            Therefore, an excellent method to insure the product is for us to levy a tax.  If any company sells any of this pipeline product out of the United States and Hawaii, then the income tax of 30% shall be levied on the entire income, state and foreign, of that violator.

            There you have it.  More government protects your pocketbook.  Less government dooms your pocketbook. You do have a choice.


Colonel George Day
2401 Good Shepherd Dr.
Brownwood, TX 76801

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