Motorcycling The Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country is one of the most enjoyable destinations in the United States if your traveling by motorcycle. It’s abundant with campgrounds and rest areas and Hill Country Folks are some of the friendliest in Texas (or anywhere else for that matter). Most campgrounds and motels in the region are “biker friendly” and a few are “bikers only”. Most of the roads around the Vanderpool-Leaky-Camp Wood area have no shortage of winding, twisting, turning, “lean in deep for this one” sort of riding that tends to spark the imagination of any road-racing fan. Adrenalin junkies from all over come to this area to tackle these roads at speeds that most people wouldn’t think of attempting on an interstate. This clip from a bike mounted video cam gives you a little taste of what these roads are like. It was made on a portion of Ranch Road 337 heading West from Vanderpool towards Leaky.

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