New Mongoilian, Sushi, Seafood, Chinese Restaurant in Brownwood

Yes folks, although Mongoilian doesn’t seem to be the most widely accepted spelling of the term, it is generally accepted as a correct spelling. (I looked it up) Linda and I went out for dinner and a movieon Friday night and was pleasantly surprised by the new “Posh Digs” that just opened in Commerce Square. East Garden open earlier this week and has been attracting tons of first time visitors. Six, or maybe it was 8 huge steam tables and a well stocked assortment of Mongoilian fare to the rear of that equal if not surpass restaurants I’ve visited in Austin, Lubbock, and the Metroplex. The full gauntlet of Oriental food is available in all you can eat buffet ($27 for 2 including tea and tip).  Furniture and all appointments were all spotless and pristine and service was prompt, polite, and well organized. In spite of a packed house at dinner time we were in and out in about an hour.

My Wife loves Sushi and I can tolerate it but generally leave it alone. According to her it was delicious. I love Calamari rings but I don’t really care for their preparation of Calamari that looks more like red snapper bait. Octopus and is there too if you’re into that sort of thing.

As for the more traditional Chinese dishes I tried small samples of everything and went back for seconds of a few, then forced myself to have desert. Everything had an excellent flavor, well prepared, not too spicy, temperature just right. If you have kids that aren’t into Chinese food there is even Pizza in the buffet.  I tried a slice and it was excellent. I could have missed it but I did’nt find General Tso’s Chicken (one of my favorites) in the buffet.

General speaking, The new East Garden restaurant in Commerce Square in Brownwood is sure to become a local favorite. Excellent food at a really great price and the fact that I live 10 minutes away will certainly make it a regular for me.

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