Outlaws In The Texas Hill Country

If you find yourself in Brown County in the northern Texas Hill Country, you can get exposed to some of our outlaw history by driving just across the county line to Comanche. In December of 1875 Brown County Deputy Charles Webb followed the notorious outlaw John Wesley Hardin into Comanche County where he encountered him outside a saloon. Both men drew their guns and started firing at each other. Hardin received only a flesh wound but Deputy Webb was shot in the head. When fell to the ground in pain he was finished off with a volley of of shots from Hardins’ cousins. Hardin escaped and was finally captured in Florida a couple of years later. After serving only 16 years in prison he was released and shortly afterwards met his demise in El Paso, Texas. He was shot in a saloon by John Selman and is buried in Concordia Cemetery in El Paso. John Selman is buried in the same cemetery just a hundred yards from Hardin. Deputy Charles Webb is buried  at Greanleaf Cemetery in Brownwood.

Watch the video below for an insight to the incident in Comanche County.

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