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While a big part of Texas is hot and dry, the wide range of terrain encountered here is more diverse than any state in the Union. Perhaps the most inviting of these areas is the central part known ass “The Texas Hill Country. The Hill Country starts at Brownwood in the northern most area and stretches south past San Antonio. It extends past Austin to the East while Ozona and Del Rio are near the Western edge. The countryside is abundant with rivers, streams, and outdoor activity from majestic cypress trees in the east to rolling waves of cedar in the West. Places to spent the night are plentiful with a heavy emphasis in renovated 100 year old residences turned into Bed and Breakfast lodging. Although most of our Bed and Breakfasts are fairly small. the cost of renovations often aren’t. For the most part they’ve been turned into secluded little places of heaven very near to most of our main attractions.

The eastern portion of the Texas Hill Country is heavily influenced by German emigrants who found the abundance of water ideal to establish townships. Their influence is still evident in the many shops that line the streets of Fredericksburg and Wimberley. The shopkeepers often display a slight German accent even though most of them are native Texans. Traveling to the West you’ll find more Spanish and Mexican influence. This area of Texas is well known for it’s creation and development of Tex-Mex dishes. Although Tex-Mex cuisine has propagated through out the world, imitations of our Tex-Mex can never compete with the “Real Thing”.

As you travel through the Texas Hill Country you’ll discover many smaller towns, loaded with character, interesting shops, and steeped in history. Except for the modern vehicles and wider roads, some of these towns haven’t changed their appearance much in the last 100 years. is a completely mobile friendly site designed to be your travel companion as you explore all the Texas Hill Country has to offer. No special app needed, just bookmark us on your home screen and click on us when you’re wondering what to explore next. Keep up with the latest news, events, and weather conditions. Mobile phone service is available in almost everywhere in The Texas Hill Country except for brief stretches of highway in our western most region.

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