The well-meaning but crazy people down in Brownwood, Texas, are considering recycling toilet water into drinking water.

These aren’t my words folks but it’s a quote from a story in today’s “Olympian”, The daily newspaper in my wifes’ hometown of Olympia Washington. Folks in the great northwest have been some of the most devout tree hugging ecologists in the nation for many years. They’re well known t have many more laws in place to encourage recycling and prevent pollution and contamination than we do and even THEY think this is a bad idea.

I’ve always felt like it’s niceĀ  to be known as the first community to take advantage of some new technology or innovation. I guess I just never realized that drinking toilet water would be part of the deal.

To read the full story in the Olympian CLICK HERE.

Watch the video from FOX 7 in Austin which explains more about the project.

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