Using Propane Wisely In The Texas Hill Country

If you’re heading out for a camping trip in the Texas Hill Country, and you’re using propane along the way, it’s important to know where your propane levels are. Some RV and camper units come equipped with an exterior propane level gauge that simplifies this process, but most do not. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones, you have to remove the tank and weigh it to check how much propane you have left.

Thanks to the Truma Company, camping in the Texas HIll Country (or anywhere else) has become less of a hassle. This handy little pocket device is an intuitive ultrasound product that allows you to easily and accurately perform a propane level gauge before taking off in your RV. The Truma Level Check makes the process a breeze. Just hold it up to your tank(s) and you’ll get an exact  level reading of the amount of LP you have left. In this video, RV expert Dave Solberg walks you through a little demonstration of using the Level Check to measure the level on his propane tank. Just push the button, and you know how much you have left!

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